Art Glass Light Frames by JBI

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glass artwork lighting

JBI introduces a unique art light frame to get the most from your etched and sandblasted art glass. Your art becomes a round-the-clock showpiece that amplifies and extends the pleasure your clients will receive from your work. Light framed pieces can be displayed as presentation panels and/or partitions. The light frame can be hung on walls or suspended from the ceiling.
Light Frame with fishIdeal for:

•  Etched art glass
•  Sandblasted art glass.

The JBI art light frame is an improvement to light stands and light boxes. The low profiles light frame creates dramatic illuminated effects visible form both the front of the back of your art glass!
•  Superior light transmission throughout the entire light frame
•  Provides perimeter protection from art glass breakage
•  Dramatic illuminated effects visible from both front or back of art glass

Custom and Standard sizes are available with long life tube lights incorporated in the aluminum frame.

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